What is OVR?

Friday Wisly Insights — OVR

OVR explained

Dynamics of OVR

What is OVR Token?

Pros and Cons of OVR


OVR allows users to buy land, stack OVR tokens, or trade them on exchanges. They can also deploy creations and files directly in OVR and then view them through a mobile device or smart glasses in real life. OVR also has many virtual rooms where users can showcase their creations and art.


When users want to buy a property, they need to wait for 24 hours in a public auction where the highest bidder gets the land. The waiting game is not guaranteed to bring you the piece of land that you want. In addition, the gas fees for the tokens in your wallet can become quite high. The payment methods are also limited, and the OVR virtual community is small when compared to other virtual projects out there currently.

Final thoughts

OVR has paved the way for a future brimming with possibilities as technology moves towards greater adoption of the metaverse. Virtual worlds are becoming a bigger part of daily life as projects like OVR provide more flexibility for users to exercise their creativity.



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